Neck tension relieving headrest

Neck tension relieving headrest

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During the day, we subject our bodies to unhealthy efforts. And no matter if we work in front of a computer or we do heavy physical labor, the neck and back are among the most punished.

Not only that, we live very stressful lives, and this also takes its toll and leads to tension in the jaw, and back and neck aches.

So it's not uncommon to be in excruciating pain at the end of the day. And when we try to sleep, it makes it difficult, leading to insomnia, which makes things worse, triggering a vicious circle.

Could there be a simple solution to break this loop? Yes, there is, and you are looking at it.

The neck tension relieving headrest, thanks to its soft foam, cradles the head and neck and instantly offers relief to your muscles, alleviating neck and jaw pain.

And, being extremely lightweight and portable, you can even use it while you're sitting in your chair, in your car, or laying in bed.


  • Material: sponge+plastic
  • Color: blue
  • Weight: 115 g. (4.06 oz.)



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